greenenergycouncilClearly an important question you need answered when considering the use of solar power in your home or business is “what will solar power cost me?” You also need to know if the outlay now is going to be worth it in the long run.

A number of factors must be considered in estimating the overall total cost of a rooftop PV (solar) system. Available north facing roof space, roof type, local weather patterns and household power requirements determine the potential generating capacity and how many solar panels will be required.

Grid connected solar systems

 250w +5 positive tolerance high efficiency panels

6 panel system (1.5kW)   (2000 kW p/a) savings = $524.00 p/a

8 panel system (2kW)  (2800 kW p/a) savings = $721.00 p/a

12 panel system (3kW)   (4000 kW p/a) savings = $1,048.00 p/a

16 panel system (4kW)   (5493 kW p/a) savings = $1,442.00 p/a

20 panel system (5kW )  (6800 kW p/a) savings = $1,770.00 p/a

Note: All kW p/a (per annum) energy production outputs are approximations only with installation on a north facing roof. Quotations based on current STC values deducted. Changing of the STC price will in turn affect the prices listed. Aurora meter charges not included. Prices include GST. How you save from solar: Currently in Tasmania we are under a net metering arrangement with a .073c FIT (feed in tariff). You save money as your system generates, and any extra power your system does generate you will receive .073c per kW credit off your bill from your electricity supplier.  If you use all the power you generate your return investment on a 1.5 kW system is 20.9% per annum (more than 4 times a bank can offer you!).


Installation costs are related to the number of modules, type of mounting required, and the location of the inverter.

Aurora Energy suggests that you thoroughly research the installation of a rooftop PV system before you proceed – to avoid unexpected costs or disappointment with the savings you achieve.

To assist with the installation costs of solar energy systems State and Commonwealth Government assistance may be available to eligible applicants in the form of rebates.

For information regarding pricing and rebates available phone Southern Green Energy or send us an online enquiry. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and supply you with a quote.

For information regarding the government rebate programs or you can contact the national information line-  1800 808 571.