Solar power is quite simply a better way to power your home.

Australia has historically used fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas to power our economy. As a result, this had led to the ongoing emission of toxic gases into our atmosphere. These gases are amongst the leading causes of pollution and global warming.


These finite non-renewable resources will become increasingly regulated and their use will become more limited due to social, economic and environmental pressures. These changes will occur in the form of an Emissions Trading Scheme or Carbon Tax.

Energy taxation will have a small net effect of driving up energy prices in Australia over the short to medium term. (However, the primary reason for electricity price rises is due to electricity retailers passing on the costs to consumers for the upgrade of Australia’s outdated inefficient electricity network.)

With Australia’s abundance of sunshine, it makes obvious sense to utilise the clean, free energy from the sun.

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Southern Green Energy offers an intensive solar audit, which can help you decide the right course of action to bring down the electricity bills and add value to your home using solar and also energy efficient lighting.

Southern Green energy can supply the kits to you directly, or we can fully install the products for you using our own local qualified tradespeople.

Solar panels do not require direct sunlight and on cloudy days your system still produces valuable electricity. Our panels come with a 25 year output warranty and a 5 year materials and workmanship warranty so you can be sure that your system is built to last.

tivok solar kitWe supply all the leading brands of inverters with our solar kits.

These include: Aurora, Fronius, SMA

All of our inverters come with a standard 5 year warranty and can be upgraded to 10. With the 25 year warranty on our panels, this gives you peace of mind when purchasing a Southern Green Energy solar system.

Our inverter’s are a “true sine wave” type of inverter, rather than a “modified sine wave”.

True sine wave inverters are able to accurately replicate or even improve the quality of electricity that is supplied by the utility companies.

These inverters allow appliances such as garage door openers, laser printers, and electric shavers to be used with complete safety.

Lower quality inverters do not regulate and convert the current efficiently over a long period of time. Southern Green Energy only offers quality inverters with proven reliability.