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Southern Green Energy are the southern Tasmanian distributors for Endless Solar hot water systems.

Endless Solar’s award-winning systems use world-class Evacuated Tube technology, a clever and cost-effective alternate to traditional ‘flat plate panel’ solar collectors.

So what are Evacuated Tubes?

Evacuated Tube Operation


Evacuated Tubes were invented here in Australia over 30 years ago and are a well proven, superior technology, widely used around the world.

They are specially designed to capture and retain maximum heat from the sun. Specific design elements are:

  • A round surface that passively tracks the sun.
  • Special absorber coating that captures and absorbs maximum heat from the sun.
  • A vacuum layer that insulates and retains heat, much like a thermos flask.

This clever design means that Evacuated tubes can capture and retain about 97% of the energy absorbed from the sun!

As a result Evacuated Tube collectors are:

  • More efficient than flat plate panels
  • Highly effective in cold, cloudy or raining conditions
  • Frost resistant (unlike panels which can freeze and become damaged in cold conditions).
  • Able to be placed on a direct East or West facing roof!


  • “Water heating is the biggest energy user in NSW homes” and “typically account for more than a third of household energy use”.1 
  • “Electric hot water systems emit the most greenhouse gas emissions”.1 
  • “Electricity prices have risen significantly in recent years, and will continue to rise 20-40 per cent over the next few years.”2 
  • Gas prices are rapidly increasing.  Lindsay Partridge, managing director of Brickworks, the country’s largest brick manufacturer, said “Brickworks could not secure contracts for gas for periods longer than the next two years amid a near-tripling of price it paid for gas in Perth and Brisbane and a doubling in the Sydney market since 2008”.3

The energy source for most hot water systems in Australia are either conventional electric or gas.  These systems use significant amounts of energy and are an important contributor to high energy costs.

It is estimated that the cost of energy derived from evacuated tubes is around a quarter of the price of alternative energy sources.4


Install an Endless Solar energy efficient evacuated tube solar hot water system.


Endless Solar has 8 years’ experience designing and supplying World-Class Evacuated Tube solar hot water systems.

Benefits of Endless Solar Hot Water Systems:

  • Capable of providing significant cost savings and substantial reductions in energy consumption. 
    For examplean average $5K Endless Solar evacuated tube system can provide an estimated cost saving of $42K over a 20 year period.*
  • Uses highly efficient evacuated tube technology
  • Naturally frost resistance without use of anti-freeze (e.g. glycol)
  • Cuts exposure to volatile power prices and contributes to a cleaner environment.
  • Australian Standards approved and Watermarked and backed by genuine warranties.

*The estimate includes a 10% increase in electricity prices per annum.

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